What is Montessori Education?

Montessori is a method of education to build a child’s psychological and physical activity. And to help the child in all aspects of development such as mental, physical, emotional, and social. It is developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori based on her extensive research on child’s development with special abilities. This model is used worldwide and follows this principle in all the schools.

About Maria Montessori

The founder Dr. Maria Montessori founded the Montessori Education method in the early 1900s for the development of the child’s whole personality through her scientific approach to education. She was one of the first female doctors in Italy. Her aim of research to meet the individual needs of the child. This education method has become popular and encourages throughout the world. And implemented in all the Montessori schools to develop the individual child’s skill and Teachers respects to each child’s individual differences while catering a nurturing environment.

Maria Montessori philosophy started in the classroom to teach and develop small children mental and physical activity. This method inspired by all and carried out into every corner of the world. The environment created by Maria that really helps and supports the children to learn from the early age to young age. She believes that if children were treated with more respect and proper guidance they would help to shape a world in a better manner than adults.

According to Maria’s research, Montessori education is more supportive of the child’s growth both mentally and physically. As a child’s brain development starts from early young age and they learn many things if the proper guidance might provide and teachers understand the child’s capability of learning and guide in the same manner. Since each child has its unique differences and activities.

Montessori education method

The Montessori method of schooling used to train the child to become more efficient, self-disciplined, creative, confident, socially well adjusted, well mannered and cheerful. In addition, The students have the ability to learn more things and develop theirthoughts as they are introduced to activities like fun games, puzzle games, creative games, and educational games. This kind of constantly evolving teaching method achieves the overall development of the child. As the environment designed and created by the Montessori school that makes the child learn independently depends upon his/her capability.

According to research, Montessori is the place where a child can learn many things by seeing and listening to the teachers and improves on a regular basis. The environment specially created for the children which encourage and helps the child for their growth. Students who enrolled in Montessori schools learn quickly and practically. Hence, become active, bold and gain more knowledge in the early stage.

About Samskrithi Academy

Samskrithi academy is one of the best Montessori school in Whitefield, Bangalore and established in 2005 to support the children for learning and developing skills. The founder Mrs. Sunitha Vasanth has years of experience in this field and the working team is fully qualified and well trained. This is the best platform for the child’s development both mentally and physically.

Education is that in which character is formed and strength of mind is increased, talent is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. Combine of our culture and knowledge is the spirit of education in children. In other words, Samskrithi academy helps the child help himself and emerge as a  sparkling diamond in all glory and words.

Why Samskrithi Academy School

Comparatively, Samskrithi academy is unique and one among the leading Montessori school in Bangalore which helps in the development of the child. The academy provides the following facilities which helps children and parents.

  • Learning with fun
  • Well Experienced Highly Qualified & Well Trained Teaching Staff
  • Good teacher’s pupil ratio, Very Close To Children’s
  • Assessments On Regular basics
  • Different forums – Yoga, dance, Music, Skating, Drawing & Playing Toys
  • Excellent Infrastructure & communication facilities, Hygiene Class Rooms
  • Vast Campus & Playground
  • High Security, CCTV Surveillance.
  • Safe & Secure Transport Facility Available
  • Environment-Friendly
  • Children’s Feels Like Home
  • Safe Learning environment
  • Day Care Center – A place like home

Benefits at Samskrithi Academy

Focus on the overall growth of the child:  The Montessori system helps the students in their overall development. This is done by focusing on the emotional, social and cognitive growth. This, in turn, helps them become better humans.

Learn from surrounding and working on their own: This method is the most effective method of learning and gained knowledge stays for a longer time interval as compared to the normal teaching method. Here, Montessori mainly focuses on activity-based learning and creates an environment that helps the students learn from the surrounding.

No burden on students: Children’s get the motivation to learn on their own and this helps them to gain knowledge and it helps throughout their life.

Help children learn at their own pace: Every child has its unique way of learning and is comfortable with their own pace. Forcing the students to learn faster makes difficult in their learning process. Keeping this in mind, different students are provided to learn at their own pace. This helps in removing any excess burden from the students.

Different age group persons in the same class: Commonly, In most of the school’s, students of different age group place in different class. However, in the Montessori system of education, children of different age groups are placed in the same class. This helps the children to develop social skills and keep the interests of other people in mind while doing so. This also provides them with the knowledge of teamwork.

Samskrithi Academy’s goal is to develop in the very young child a strong and realistic sense of independence and self-reliance. Along with love and a stable environment, this is the child’s greatest need.

The academy mainly focuses on developing skills that allow the child to effectively control and deal with the social and physical environment in which he/she lives. There is a growing pride in being able to “do it for myself.” Practical life begins as soon as the child enters the school.