Chitra B.S

Chitra B.S


    Inspire the thirst for knowledge through fun learning method.I don't believe in limiting learning to the walls of classroom. Although the skills learning are crucial to a child’s intellectual and social growth, y(our) child needs help to open up the world of ideas. The child’s renewed joy in discovery will transfer to his small and beautiful achievements.The child should never be forced to learn, we should develop interest and curiosity in them. To understand the need of learning and acquiring knowledge books are not the end method, books are just a part of helping hand.Learning can happen through conversation, jokes, just having fun with no meaning , Drawing , colouring, singing, enacting stories, playing but more effective along with practical learning with material to support their learning without pressuring the little one.Hence we at Samskrithi Academy follow the Montessori Theory. Montessori Theory is an approach to learning developed by Maria Montessori where the key principles are Independence, Observation, Following the Child, Correcting the Child, Prepared Environment and Absorbent Mind. The Montessori Theory approach, concepts and foundation principles can be applied across all ages.A Montessori classroom is carefully prepared to allow the child to work independently and allow for the joy of self-discovery.At Samskrithi Academy we promise to hand hold and nurture the child’s growth and skill developments.Looking forward for trust and cooperation to shape all the precious little one to a fully bloomed flower.


    Masters in Internet Architecture

    Diploma in information and system management

    NTT & Mont Trained

    Bachelor in commerce and Accounting