Our Montessori education started with Samskrithi Montessori which was set up in 2005 at Whitefield, Bangalore. To continue the education for Pre-Primary and above, we setup the Samskrithi Academy in a quiet neighborhood in Whitefield in the year 2013.

Mrs. Sunitha Vasanth who is the founder behind these institutes, has years of experience in this field. The working team consists of qualified and trained teachers in Montessori schooling for children.

We call our land with various names as “Janma Bhoomi” motherland & “Karma Bhoomi”. This land has a vast potentially hidden within, not just in land but in every being born here. It is a land of culture. What we call as “Samskurthi” in Sanskrit. It comes from the word “Samyakurthi” samyak meaning. “the right” and “kurthi” meaning “to do”.

This samskrithi that we are following had its seeds planted thousands of year’s ago. It still had its roots embedded deep within every part of our lives may it be social, economic, cultural or educational.

This culture is a part of education and we at Samskrithi Montessori House of Children firmly believe that education is not just filling the mind with facts and information. Education is that by which character is formed strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet. A blend of our culture and knowledge is the spirit of education in the house of the children.

In other words we help the child help himself and emerge as a sparkling diamond in all glory & words.

Our Montessori education vision is to follow the tradition set by Maria Montessori. We ensure, our style, methodologies, and even the staff are groomed by the standards set by the Montessori System of Education.

We value the philosphy that children possess a natural impulse to learn and absorb knowledge without effort if given the right kind of activities, at the right time of their development.

Our settings provide children with a safe, carefully planned and structured environment where they can work and learn using specially designed didactic materials.

Our confidence in this sytem of education has nurtured us and given the vision to expand to every child across the families so that they grow under the finest form of education as set by Maria Montessori.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the financial management of the school and takes all policy and financial decisions. Decisions related to the educational programme and faculty are made by the Principal in consultation with the Trustees, academic and teaching staff.

All the members in the management team have years of experience in the education industry and have been with us from the begining of the foundation of the Samskrithi Montessori in 2005.

Decision, future growth and other developments for the Institute and its welfare are usually taken with all cooperation of the members within the management team and the communication transparent to the parents, teachers and other staff of the Institute.

Samskrithi has an enthusiastic and dedicated group of Montessori teachers. Each environment has two Montessori Adults who hold degrees from the Indian Montessori Centre, Indian Institute of Montessori Studies or Formative Age in addition to a Bachelors Degree. From the middle school upwards, teachers also have a B.Ed or Masters Degree.

Adults are committed to the CHILD, working, growing and sharing his/her sense of curiosity and wonder. Faculty members further their own professional training through workshops and continued education

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